Cai Emmons, author of SINKING ISLANDS, interviewed for Hasty Book List

SINKING ISLANDS continues the story of Bronwyn Artair, a scientist who possesses the power to influence the weather and other natural forces of the Earth. After several successful interventions stopping fires and tornados, she has gone into hiding, worried about unintended consequences of her actions, as well as about the ethics of operating solo. But circumstances call her to action again, and an idea takes shape: What if she could impart her skill to other people? Gathering a few kindred souls from climate-troubled places around the world—Felipe from Sao Paulo where drought conditions are creating strains on day-to-day life, Analu and his daughter Penina from a sinking island in the South Pacific, Patty from the tornado-ridden plains of Kansas—she takes them to the wilds of Northern New Hampshire where she tries to teach them her skill. The novel, realistic but for the single fantastical element, explores how we might become more attuned to the Earth and act more collaboratively to solve the enormity of our climate problem.