David Campos & Maceo Montoya (AMERICAN QUASAR) interviewed in the American Book Review!

Early twentieth-century maverick creator, Guillaume Apollinaire, famously declared, “l’esprit nouveau et les poetes.” With extraordinary collaborations between visual crafters and wordsmiths—Picasso and Max Jacob (Saint Matorel [1911]), Ginsburg and Francesco Clemente (The White Shroud [1986]), Norma Cantú and Marta Sánchez (Transcendental Train Yard [2015]), for instance—I emphatically declare: the vitality of the poetic-arts is Latinx hybrid modal co-creations. David Campos and Maceo Montoya are powerful testament to this fact. In American Quasar (2021), they co-create to intervene, agitate, and make new our perception, thought, and feeling concerning Latinx experiences and lives. Together, they explode prejudices and assumptions about what it means to be Latinx in the US.

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