David Mas Masumoto, author of SECRET HARVESTS, interviewed in the Hunger Mountain Review!

Best known for Epitaph for a Peach (a Julia Child Cookbook Award winner and James Beard Foundation Food Writing Award finalist), David “Mas” Masumoto is a third generation, Sansei, organic farmer of peaches, nectarines, apricots, and grapes for raisins on his family farm in the Central Valley of California. I first came across his work in the essay anthology Colors of Nature: Culture, Identity and the Natural World, edited by Alison Deming and Lauret Savoy. Mas has also published numerous memoirs including Harvest Son and Five Seasons in Five Senses. His latest is Secret Harvests: A Hidden Story of Separation and the Resilience of a Family Farm, a memoir about discovering Shizuko–an aunt with disabilities, long thought dead–living not far from the family farm. I talked with Mas about Secret Harvests and his writing life over Zoom; this is a condensed version of our conversation.