Domino includes Johanna Stoberock’s PIGS on their “What to Read This Fall, Depending on How You Want to Feel” list!

The days of lounging lazily in the sun, SPF slathered generously all over your skin as you dive into a good book, might be ending, but that means we get to start fresh.  With the dawn of fall comes crisp farmers’ market apples; warm, woodsy candles; and sweater weather—and what could be better to pair with all that than a stack of brand-new reads?

Luckily, this autumn will see the release of plenty of books that deserve a spot on your nightstand. There’s something for everyone—the thrilling follow-up to The Handmaid’s Tale, a celebrity short story debut, and a mix of authors widely admired (Ta-Nehisi Coates! Zadie Smith!) and up-and-coming. So what will you be reading?