Foreword Review of Sugar Land

In Foreword Review's September and October edition, Hannah Hohman reviews Tammy Lynne Stoner's novel Sugar Land. Summarizing the novel's main plot points, Hohman concludes that "Sugar Land is a raw, spiraling, and hopeful story about a woman who wishes that she didn’t love as she does, and the life she leads in the wake of her self-realizations." Hohman percieves that protagonist Dara's struggles with self-identity are intensified as a result of the novel's 1920s Texas setting. And yet, this is what makes the novel that much more believable and painful. Hohman writes, "Much of what occurs in the novel is difficult to swallow, in great part because the story takes place in a time when Dara’s identity is not readily accepted, even by herself. Still, it’s the novel’s realism that makes Dara’s story so gripping."