Jason Schneiderman’s HOLD ME TIGHT reviewed by Mark Wagenaar in list of favorite books from 2020!

Plume has a number of talented editors, and given the extraordinary year the world faced, I thought asking them for some of their favorite books of 2020 made sense, as a means of creating space for other voices and perspectives beyond mine and Chelsea’s, but also as a way to showcase more books than are typically possible in a “traditional” review. Anyone who has released a book knows just how difficult it can be to stand out from the thousand others that come out in a given year, and the pandemic has meant that the usual strategies, like release events and university and bookstore readings and tours, have been replaced by Zoom readings and online events—which have not, it seems, translated to the same number of sales. So although I dislike “best of” lists, the original idea was to shine a light on new releases, but through email conversations, we decided it would be more fun if we just included books that were important to us in some way, whatever the genre.

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