Politics and Prose admiringly remarks on Many Ways to Say It

Writing for Politics and Prose Laurie Greer lauds the poetry of Eva Saulitis's newest collection Many Ways to Say It. The full text of the review is reproduced below:

When Saulitis looks at nature she looks reverently, authoritatively, and "carefully as a predator." As you might expect from a poet who's also a marine biologist specializing in killer whales, Saulitis's natural world is vivid, breath-taking, and utterly realistic, a place where "God's a mean man" and "the prettiness of the tundra / never satisfies." What does satisfy is Saulitis's deeper explorations of both terrain and language, her efforts "to scan the seas for a finned or winged / insight." The intricate sound patterns and relentlessly vertiginous forms that result take their cues from the environment at hand and each poem is a verbal map of its landscape, from wheeling gulls to a glacier's "hues / of transparency" to "the mountain razored out of night."

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