SUMMER OF THE CICADAS Reviewed in Expendable Mudge Blog

A book of eerie, unnatural-nature events pushing one lone and lonely lesbian, returned to small-town West Virginia from a law-enforcement career, to deal with Life. After many years’ effort to Fit In (as she sees it), a personal tragedy derails her attempts to build an authentic life in Washington, DC. Coming home makes her fall into old, rejected-by-all patterns of thought. Jessica, whose first-person close PoV we’re in for the entire book, is a past mistress of negative self-talk. The habit was established early, despite her close and accepting family…she relives a moment where her country-farmer father has The Talk with her, emphasizing that he loves his daughter and supports her exactly how she is (!!–this is how we know it’s fiction)…but living among people who smell, sense in some way anyway, your Otherness and make your life a living hell can undo even the best parenting.

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