Tess Taylor Interviewed by The Poetry Foundation

In an interview with The Poetry Foundation's Stacey Lynn Brown, Tess Taylor discusses her collection of poetry, The Forage House, and her connection to her famous ancestor, Thomas Jefferson.

Taylor does not shy away from answering questions about the complex figure that is Thomas Jefferson. She also provides insight into the intricacies of poetic writing. Taylor states in the interview, "Sometimes when I wrote about shards I was writing quickly, jotting fast, and what felt like a poem would come out. Sometimes what I captured that way felt more resonant than prose I kept trying to capture later. The prose I wrote tried to fill in the story. The poems made use of the absence."

Read more about Tess Taylor and her collection of poetry, The Forage House, at The Poetry Foundation: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/article/247028