Verónica Reyes’ Chopper! Chopper! is proclaimed to be full of swagger” by Elaine Sexton”

Elaine Sexton reviews Verónica Reyes' book of poetry Chopper! Chopper! and speaks volumes of Reyes' writing style in an article on Ron Slate's website On the Seawall. Sexton praises Reyes' debut collection of poetry and prose, stating that it "reads like a graphic novel, an edgy ride through Reyes' East Los Angeles."

Sexton describes Reyes' use of English and Chicana vernacular as something "a reader will enjoy…whether or not the expressions or words are familiar." She also expresses that Reyes' poems tell stories and they are "earnest, matter-of-fact portraits of lives." To read more of Sexton's review of Verónica Reyes' Chopper! Chopper!, click here!