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Our Masterpieces Are Yet to Come with Diane Sawyer, Taylor Schilling, Susan Minot and other special guests

Date: Oct 12th, 2015

Co-presented by ABC Home & O Magazine

Our Masterpieces Are Yet To Come:

The Telling of a 107-year Old Poet

An evening of readings from Poems from the Pond with Diane Sawyer, Taylor Schilling, Susan Minot, Dominique Browning & Christine Lahti

Hosted by Laurie David

Peggy began writing poetry at the age of 90. This past March, she died at the age of 107. In the making was her book compiled and edited by Producer Laurie David, and then published as Poems from the Pond.

Her poems have been compared to Emily Dickinson's. Peggy's words have an arresting simplicity, a golden thread she is weaving, and a perspective that most of us will never have: standing at 107 years old.

Join us for an evening of poetry, and consider the idea that our best work might be yet to come. Youth is not the distillation of life, aging is, and therein lies our poetry.

doors open at 6:30pm; readings begin at 7pm

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