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Red Hen author, Elissa Washuta, has a new book available on June 16!

Date: May 20th, 2015

Elissa Washuta’s Starvation Mode: A Memoir of Food, Consumption, and Control, will be available on June 16. Washuta recounts her struggle for culinary control, and presents the guidelines she followed as she attempted to shape her body and mind through the food she consumed.

The book’s seemingly simple structure (a series of rules to eat and live by) contrasts with the powerful way she pulls readers into a complicated story of our needs and the cultural pressures that shape us.

Starvation Mode: A Memoir of Food, Consumption, and Control is available for pre-order here!

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L.A River Poetry Reading Kid Crafts

Join us for an afternoon of poetry and crafts! Kids can enjoy a refreshing drink of water, and afterwards learn how to turn their water bottles into musical instruments, hanging gardens and bracelets. A day to experience art in many forms!

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