Leaving Resurrection

Leaving Resurrection is one woman’s love poem to the Alaskan places and people that have taken possession of her soul. Eva Saulitis writes with great honesty about her vulnerability and fears, about her excitement and discoveries, and about her passionate love for the wild. She inspires us with her boldness, she invites us to eagerly accept challenges, she opens us to the willing embrace of adventure, and she takes us into the hidden glories of Alaska as few other writers have done.

These gentle, richly perceptive, beautifully rendered stories take readers straight to the heart of Alaska. And like all fine writing, it leaves you aching for more. Eva Saulitis writes deeply from the spirit of Margaret Murie, and she shows us that the soul of wildness is still very much alive in the north country.

The wild country of Alaska has always attracted women of extraordinary strength and character, women with a keen eye for the land’s beauty and a heart strong enough for its challenges, women equal to the measure of the Alaskan land itself. Eva Saulitis and Leaving Resurrection are wonderful reminders that the tradition lives on.

Black text stating Leaving Resurrection Chronicles of a Whale Scientist by Eva Saulitis over a painting of an overview shot of a naked woman floating in the ocean.

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Publication Date: March 1, 2008

Genre/Imprint: Boreal Books, Non-Fiction

$18.95 Tradepaper

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ISBN: 978-1-59709-091-9

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