Proceed with Passion

Proceed With Passion: Engaging Students in Meaningful Education is filled with bold approaches to giving students the ingredients they most lack in their schooling—a sense of purpose, a reason for wanting to learn and, ultimately, a passion to help others.”—Arianna Huffington

“Schools and environmental organizations need young people like Anna Cummins with the intelligence and commitment to get things done. Her two chapters in this book are a welcome addition to the eco canon.”—Jeremy Jackson

“The title of this book captures Emily Cummins’s life and work—passion and engagement in meaningful service.”—Claudia Villegas-Avalos

“Our educational system badly needs some bold thinking. Paul Cummins’s vision of what American education could be is imaginative and inspiring.”—Howard Zinn

Black text stating Proceed with Passion Engaging Students in Meaningful Education by Paul F. Cummins with Anna Cummins and Emily Cummins over a white background with a centered abstract painting.

Paul Cummins ( Author Website )

Publication Date: June 1, 2004

Genre/Imprint: Non-Fiction, Red Hen Press

$19.95 Tradepaper

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ISBN: 1-888996-80-3