Louise Wannier

As an artist, I am fascinated by observing patterns, noticing closely how light interacts with both nature and our intense, dynamic urban landscapes. I attempt to capture and present visually the energy and spirit I observe and feel in our complex world. Lately I have become captivated by the presence of abstract patterns within both natural and manmade objects and structures and noticing that some can be revisited whilst others are only present in the moment the picture was taken. I love the discovery too of how the camera shifts our focus and emphasis from what our eyes natively see.

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Tree Spirits (2nd edition)

Louise Wannier

Publication Date: September 19, 2023

$24.95 Tradepaper

ISBN: 9780990997658


Tree Spirits is an interactive picture book that encourages creativity, social emotional intelligence, and seeing the world with fresh eyes. Encouraging children to develop their imagination, creativity and emotional intelligence. With 25 color photographs of trees, the rhyming text asks, “What DO you see when you look up at this tree?” inviting a child to use their imagination. Turning the page reveals an illustrated overlay of a charming animal inspired by the lines and shapes of the tree bark. Each animal introduces a different emotion helping children to understand their own inner spirit and feelings. For parents and grandparents and friends and family it is a fun book to read with the children in their lives. The book includes 4 sheets of tracing paper to invite them to begin drawing what they see and ends with encouraging children to go out and look at the trees in their neighborhood and keep noticing, “What do I see?”