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A Man Against a Background of Flames

Paul Hoggart

Publication Date: October 19, 2021

$20 Tradepaper

ISBN: 9781906309480


Ideas are dangerous . . .

James Appleby’s career as a social historian is drifting into mediocrity until the phone call that changes his life forever.

Appleby uncovers a dangerous secret hidden deep in a chest of 400-year-old documents. To his horror, its discovery ignites a global firestorm that threatens to engulf all that he loves.

Expertise in Elizabethan country life wasn’t supposed to be controversial. But when Appleby and his Dutch colleague Van Stumpe find evidence about the suppression of a heretical cult, they arouse the ire not just of Machiavellian academics, but a worldwide swathe of religious fundamentalists.

As the discoveries inspire thousands of followers, their enemies begin a murderous hunt from Amsterdam, to Washington, New York, and all over England.

And Appleby discovers just how dangerous ideas can be . . .

Second edition
ISBN: 9781906309480
Pub date: October 19, 2021

First edition
ISBN: 9781906309367
Pub date: October 23, 2013


Julia Koets’ THE RIB JOINT featured in LGBTQ Reading List

Where you live inevitably affects your life experience: our mental maps of reality depend on our space, and what one sees as possible or allowed depends on that space as well, especially in the formative years of our lives. In her memoir in essays, Koets details her life growing up in a heavily religious, and […]

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Seagulls swoop and dive, crying in the salty air. The waves of Nushagak Bay crash on sandbars and rocky shores. Machines rattle the warehouses on the cannery side of the village “where the beach flattened and the boardwalks grew tall.” So many sounds; so many stories. Yet as I page through Mia Heavener’s 2020 novel […]

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Author Julia Koets, who holds a doctorate from the University of Cincinnati, released The Rib Joint: A Memoir in Essays this past November. She joins our contributor (and former classmate) Kelly Blewitt to talk about growing up and coming of age in the South. Listen to the radio segment here!

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Arts At MIT: A Writer’s Voyage: Mia Heavener, MIT Course 1, 2000

“Be stubborn and ultimately believe in your writing,” advises first-time novelist Mia Heavener ’00, “especially if you are having crappy writing days.”   On April 13, Heavener visited Wyn Kelley’s literature course “Reading Fiction: Voyages” to share her story of writing Under Nushagak Bluff (Red Hen Press, 2019). Conducted via Zoom, the class engaged a group of eager […]


Throwback to the Brevity Nonfiction review of Julia Koets’ THE RIB JOINT!

The lyric essay form, reliant on gaps and fragmentation, beautifully aligns with Koets’ own experience of compression and expansion, as her narrator moves from a closeted existence to one of self-acceptance and personal liberation. Her memoir demonstrates the profound costs of rejection, silencing, and exclusion within powerful social systems, where love and inclusion often hinge […]

Thanks for the shoutout World Wide Work!

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